Senior Citizen Killed In Mulund

Mulund: The murder of a senior citizen in Mulund has created a sensation here. There is fear among the people. The police are hunting the

Mulund Station Entrance Defaced By Hoardings!

Mulund: In a bid to beautify railway stations across Mumbai, the Railway administration has spent crores of rupees. In Mulund, too, the Railway administration has


Amidst chants of "Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudchya Varsi Lavkar Ya" reverberating in Mumbai and elsewhere, lakhs of Ganesh devotees a bid a fond farewell

14th September 2019

An Apache brand motorbike has been lying abandoned since the past one to one and a half years near Sajjan Wadi on Mithagar Road.

UNIQUE GANPATI RANGOLI Ten Lakh Sabudana (Sago seeds) Used

A Ganpati rangoli using about ten lac sabudanas has become the centre of attraction for Ganesh devotees from Mulund and elsewhere. Although Ganpati celebrations


21st September is celebrated as World Alzheimer’s Day with the purpose of spreading awareness about this disorder and understand the early warning signs. We all

“Fill Potholes And Then Collect Toll”…infuriated commuters

Mulund: Commuters commuting on the pothole-ridden roads on the Eastern Express Highway (EEH) from Mulund to Airoli are up-in-arms against the pothole menace. In

Drunk driver rams youth; Arrested

Mulund: Rash driving continues to play with the lives of innocent people. Last week, Home Times reported how a bystander was rammed by a lady


Vegetables Washed In Pothole-filled Rainwater!! Bhandup: The torrential rains in Mumbai may have crippled the lives of Mumbaikars, but have proved a boon for

Choron Ki Baaraat Reaches Mulund (W)

5 Shops Looted In a Single Week!! Mulund: Last week, Home Times had highlighted how there is a spike in robbery cases in Mulund. Despite Home