Footpaths are primarily built by BMC for the pedestrians to walk, thus safeguarding the citizens from road accidents which is not the case. However, it a rare sight to see a footpath in Mulund that is clean and free from encroachment!

Still, a footpath near Salpadevi Pada near LBS Marg in Mulund West was an exception. It was clean, broad and, most importantly, it was free from encroachment. People of the area were delighted but, alas, for the past 1 month the footpath is in a bad shape. Residents grumble that the negligent BMC employees have left the footpath dug up making life miserable for the local residents.

Anirudh, a local resident told Home Times, “The civic body has dug up this footpath for some cable work beneath it. However, it’s been over a month but still the work is lying incomplete, thus causing hardship to the pedestrians.” He added, “In the first week, the work was done quite swiftly, but after that the speed declined and since past many days I have seen nobody doing any work.” Condemning the BMC for its negligence, Anirudh blasted, “If the work is over then it is the official duty of BMC to level the footpath, but it is always observed the careless BMC employees just do the work as ordered and move away without cleaning or properly closing the dug up roads/ footpaths.”

A motor tyre repairer doing business opposite the footpath said, “The BMC employees have dug up the road near the turning point of the footpath. Hence, the poor pedestrians are unable to access the footpath and are forced to risk their lives by walking on the road.” Informing about the resultant chaos created owing to people unable to walk on the footpath, the tyre repairer said.

Neelesh, a two-wheeler driver, told Home Times, “Monsoon is around the corner. If the BMC does not complete the work before monsoon, then it will create a bigger problem for both pedestrians as well as motorists.” Another Mulundkar mourned, “On the one hand, people are already tired of the traffic menace due to the Metro work and, on top of it, the negligent BMC is making life miserable by digging here and there and leaving the work incomplete. It is deplorable that BMC pays no heed to citizens’ complaints.”

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