BMC’s Shoddy work exposed! Just 5 months old road develops cracks!

S.N. Road is one of the key roads of Mulund. It connects the Tehsil Office, Mulund Court, MCC College, etc. Hence it is a crowded road and many vehicles pass over it. Due to MCC College nearby, many college students commute by vehicles.  In short, the road undergoes much stress. Five months back, BMC had done some drainage work. Later, a concrete road was constructed.

However, commuters commuting on the road lament that in just 5 months the condition of the road has worsened. It has become so pathetic that there are chances of an accident. Cracks are visible on the road, thus exposing the inferior quality of work by the BMC.

A biker told Home Times, “Driving on the road is troublesome. It causes pain in the back and neck due to the unevenness of the road.” A pedestrian said, “There is fear of falling and getting injured if a person accidentally walks over a pothole. But, despite the poor plight of the road, BMC is not repairing the road.”