Teachers Are More Precious Than Any Treasure!

Teachers are not just ‘preachers'. They are truly the most precious 'Treasure'. True, indeed, because no materialistic treasure in the world is equivalent to


Strange are the laws of Nature. On the one hand, the nation is devastated by furious floods in many parts of India like Maharashtra,

Segregate plastic personally before dumping! 

The Maharashtra government had implemented a ban on plastic after nullahs and gutters were found to be clogged with plastic leading to a flood-like


Come any national festival like Republic Day or Independence Day, every year, Indians flock to the markets to purchase national flags and badges to

True friends are elusive these days! 

It is aptly said that friends are the cornerstone of our life. But, fortunate are those people who get true friend, a friend in

For God’s Sake, Keep Mulund Clean!! 

Each year, the BMC spends crores of rupees on monsoon preparedness but, alas, soon after the first heavy showers the inferior quality work of

Mumbai deserves safe homes! 

Each year, during monsoon, incidents of buildings collapsing like a pack of cards have become common phenomena in Mumbai. Hundreds of people have been

Development Or Destruction?

Nobody is against ‘Development' but development against the degradation of the environment is unacceptable. Tsunami, global warming, climate change and scarcity of groundwater are

When will Mumbai’s public transport system improve? 

The 4 days incessant rains in Mumbai not only exposed the negligent work of the BMC, but it also exposed the poor maintenance of

Save Water; Save The Nation! 

‘Water is Life’ goes the famous axiom but, alas, Mumbaikars do not realise the worth of water. A picture of this harsh reality can