AP Government’s Death Sentence For Rapists Laudable

After the Hyderabad Police encountered the four rapists of Dr Priyanka Reddy, the famous Veterinarian who was brutally raped on Bangalore Expressway, there is

Discharge your fundamental duties

India is a democratic country. If we have been given certain fundamental rights then we also have been asked to do some fundamental duties.

People’s Victory… But Justice Still Awaited!

It is, indeed, tragic that in a country where there is rape every half an hour, in the same country it takes several years

AIDS Afflicted Have The Right To live!

Each year, on December 1, the world celebrates International AIDS Day, a day dedicated to creating awareness about the hazardous AIDS epidemic caused by

Child abuse – a cause for concern!

Despite making amendments in Rape laws and constituting the Nirbhaya Act and POCSO Act, instances of rape, instead of taking a beating, have escalated.


The imposition of President’s Rule in Maharashtra after the conclusion of the Vidhan Sabha Election has taken everybody by surprise. What is most shocking

When will Man understand the signals of Nature?

It is November 8, yet the monsoon continues to wet Mumbai. In the history of Mumbai, this metropolitan city has never witnessed rain in

Follow traffic rules and get rid of the traffic mess!

Traffic jams and accidents due to rash driving are common phenomena around the globe. However, unlike India, in developed countries like Europe and the

The fading customs of Diwali!

With the ushering of Diwali, the women in the house decorate the house entrance with attractive rangoli and earthen diyas. Though the earthen diyas

This Year, Celebrate Green Diwali !!

Diwali is the most auspicious and renowned festival of the Hindus but, in recent times, the festival has crossed all caste barriers and is