NahinChalegi, NahinChalegi…


In tune with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, BMC had appointed Clean-up Marshals to instill civic sense into Mumbaikars but, alas, it seems the noble idea has misfired. Many people across Mumbai have the complained that the Clean-up Marshals have become a menace due to their dadagiri and arrogance. In Mulund, too, people are fed-up of these Clean-up Marshals.

According to reports, a few days back, a Clean-up Marshal was hiding at Mulund station and suddenly he jumped out from his hide-out and started harassing a senior citizen. A good samaritan tried to intervene, but the Clean-up Marshal got furious and started assaulting the man! This scene left the by-standers shocked at the brutality of the Clean-up Marshal.

People allege that this is not the first scene of a Clean-up Marshal abusing and assaulting the common man. An onlooker told Home Times, “The government had appointed the Clean-up Marshals with the noble intention to keep at bay Mumbaikars from littering, spitting and keeping the city clean, but the marshals are penalising people inappropriately.” He added, “Due to their haughty attitude the people are scared of them. As a result, the image of the Clean-up Marshals is being maligned.”
Another bystander told Home Times, “There are also complaints of Clean-up Marshals extorting money from innocent people. What is shocking is that many Clean-up Marshals do not carry their ID Cards, nor do they wear uniforms. Hence, citizens are confused over the authenticity of these Clean-up Marshals. Though BMC has categorically asked all Clean-up Marshals to wear uniforms and carry I-D card, some violate the instructions. Citizens are thus scared and agitated at the goondaism of Clean-up Marshals.”

According to the law, the Clean-up Marshals have been appointed by BMC to stop people from littering and making the city unclean, but people complain that these marshals hide and watch people throwing litter or spitting and then they pounce upon them like a hungry lion on a poor deer! This is absolutely wrong, and BMC must take action against such incompetent and arrogant Clean-up Marshals.


An official of the Clean-Up organisation has denied that the the person who assaulted the intervenor is a Clean-Up Marshal though they will definitely look into it.

Since this incident has occurred in our very own Mulund, will Mr. Kishore Gandhi, Asst.Commr. of BMC T-Ward, take cognizance of this offence and punish the guilty? Maybe, no one has bothered to complain, but it seems the video has gone viral. Act now before Mulundkarshave to face the wrath of these unscrupulous Cean-up Marshals. Think it over, Mr.Kishore Gandhi!!!

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