Damaged divider posing danger to motorists in Mulund 

The traffic on Goregaon-Mulund Link Road is at its peak in the morning and evening. The rush is unprecedented particularly between Nahur railway station and Airoli. One can notice long serpentine queues of vehicles standing one behind the other on this route. The traffic jam is so worse there is hardly any space on the road for the pedestrians to cross. Hence, to solve the problem of the pedestrians, the civic body had constructed a divider and also erected a traffic signal. But, alas, the divider has been lying damaged over two weeks and is a potential threat to the lives of motorists, yet the lazy BMC has neglected this grave issue.

What’s more, Home Times, in its ‘Reality Check’ has witnessed an utterly ugly scene at the site. The place around the signal is filled with trash, twigs, open cable wires, Bisleri Mineral Water bottles and, shockingly, empty liquor bottles!! Also, the branches of the trees around the signal are also so elongated that they are dangling over the signal. In a nutshell, the place is a blot on PM Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan!!  In addition, due to the damaged divider, commuting on this path is a nightmare for both motorists and pedestrians.

Mr. Rao, a traffic police officer informed Home Times, “Since the past 20 days, the front portion of the divider has been broken. This is causing a problem for both motorists and pedestrians.” Informing about the presence of liquor bottles, he speculated, “At night, due to the absence of streetlights the place becomes quite dark. Hence, it is assumed that some notorious people take undue advantage of this darkness and drink alcohol in their cars and dump the empty bottles near the signal. This is just an assumption, as nothing concrete can be said about the presence of liquor bottles.”

Rahul Kadam, a motorist, told Home Times, “The plight of the divider is pathetic since the past many days.” “It is, indeed, tragic that the divider is lying damaged yet the civic body is paying no heed to this grave issue,” he moaned.

Pointing a figure at the negligence of the civic body, Kadam asked, “The question is, at night, if a motorist accidentally bangs his vehicle against the broken divider and is seriously injured in the accident then will BMC take responsibility for the mishap?” He added, “Why just night, accidents can occur even at daytime because the divider is at the turning point of the road, hence the probability of an accident can never be denied. However, despite such a grave situation, the civic body is a mute spectator! More than 2 weeks have passed but the callous BMC is in deep slumber!”

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