Discharge your fundamental duties

India is a democratic country. If we have been given certain fundamental rights then we also have been asked to do some fundamental duties. Alas, in the name of fundamental rights we, Indians, make a hue and cry but when it comes to discharging fundamental duties we lack behind. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is campaigning for Swachh Bharat. However, despite the Prime Minister’s call, we are not serious. What is worst is that we never care to protect or keep the public property clean be it the trains, buses or public gardens.

Let’s take the instance of Railways. The Railway authorities invest a huge amount of money to keep stations and trains clean throughout the year. However, filthy and unhygienic conditions inside local trains, express trains and on the platforms are a common scene all over the country. One can usually spot the stains of paan, tobacco and gutkha on platforms and in trains. Soon, Central Railway is giving Mumbaikars a New Year Bonanza by introducing a swanky and posh AC local train. The big question is: Will Mumbaikars follow the norms of cleanliness and maintain the beauty of the AC local train?

If we talk about the plight of roads and footpaths, then the scene is no different. One can spot uncivilized auto drivers and motorists spitting anywhere on the roads. Dumping of plastic, filth and trash is a common nuisance. Many footpaths of Mulund have become mountains of debris, tarnishing the beauty of this suburb. Similarly, the drains and nullahs are cleaned by the BMC, but within every fortnight the drains begin to overflow as the residents keep dumping their household trash in the drains instead of maintaining a dustbin and throwing the garbage in bins. Later, these household bins can be emptied at BMC bins. If we maintain the dustbin method of discharging waste, then we can overcome the problem of overflowing drains and dirty roads. But, regrettably, we have no civic sense hence we do not value the importance of cleanliness.

Recently, the Mumbai civic body told the Bombay High Court that garbage and solid waste are thrown into open storm water drains by citizens and it causes pollution along the metropolitan city’s coastline.  Besides, untreated sewage from slum pockets in the city is also released into the drains unauthorizedly! Such undisciplined acts by citizens add to the woes of the civic authority which, in turn, later causes problems to Mumbaikars during monsoon. Hence, it is important to follow cleanliness rules and protect public property.

But the problem is that we do not wish to discharge our fundamental duties. If we cannot cooperate with the civic administration, then how do we expect the civic administration to do its duty sincerely? Remember, every Mumbaikar must do his fundamental duties honestly. Only then we can fulfil the dream of our Prime Minister of a Swachh Bharat.

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