Finally, Footpath On LBS Marg Cleared! 

Since the past many days BMC is engaged in doing development work in Mulund but, alas, the tragedy is that, after completing the task the contractors dump the tools and other material by the side of the roads and move off, thus causing untold hardships to pedestrians and motorists.

Recently, the BMC had done work at the junction of Devidayal Road and L.B.S. Marg (opposite Fire Bridge Station) in Mulund West. However, despite completion of the job, the contractors left the scene without picking the left-over debris and blocks removed while doing the work. Instead of dumping the left-over debris at an appropriate place, they threw it on a nearby footpath and went off.

After people made complaints of BMC’s negligence and their nightmarish experiences due to the left-over dump, Home Times published their story. Soon after, the BMC staff woke from its deep slumber and picked all the materials from the footpath, thus giving relief to the people of the area. Residents are delighted and have heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Home Times for being a true crusader of Mulundkars.

Delighted at the material being picked from the footpath, a local resident told Home Times, “Ever since the start of the Metro work the roads on the LBS Marg have become narrow. Hence, people resort to the footpath, particularly the bikers. On top of it, the debris was another nuisance, but we are grateful to Home Times for getting the debris removed.” He urged, “It would be great if Home Times takes an initiative and stops the illegal parking and errant bikers encroaching the footpath.”

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