The onset of the Lok Sabha Election saw many public work projects taking shape. However, the introduction of the electoral Model Code of Conduct ensured that most of these projects were left incomplete. But now, these pending projects have started taking shape again. One of the held-up projects was the road at Mulund Colony’s Sachkhand Darbar area. However, the road work has now been completed, much to the relief of the residents. This public concern issue was highlighted by Mulund’s very own Home Times.

It may be noted that no work was undertaken here since the last two months. The dug-up road posed problems of broken electric cables, punctured pipeline and other woes that made the lives of the locals miserable. They were deprived of basic amenities like electricity and water. Compounding their woes was the incomplete repairs of the gutters on both sides of the road, leading to extremely unhygienic conditions with the resultant illnesses.

Goaded by Home Times, BMC T-Ward and the elected representatives soon decided to resolve this issue and got the road work completed. The concerned Department toiled for a week and threw open a new road for the residents here. The day to day problems of the residents are now history and they are now heaving a sigh of relief, thanks to Home Times. BMC T-Ward completed the pending project and made the road re-usable in just three weeks.

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