Footpath Opp.Salpa Devi Mandir Repair

The condition of the footpath bang opposite Salpa Devi Mandir is in a terrible state, causing much problems for the local residents. This issue was highlighted by Home Times in one of its editions. After its publication and fruitful discussions between Home Times team and the concerned officials, an assurance was given by BMC T-Ward to set right the matters promptly. Consequently, the footpath has been repaired this week and people can walk freely now.

When the work had started, many barricades had been put up here which greatly inconvenienced the public at large. However, after Home Times’ exposure, the pace of the work picked up considerably and the entire footpath was repaired within just one week, much to the relief of all residents. It would be pertinent that the road had narrowed considerably at L.B.S. Marg owing to the Metro project. This led to the public using the footpath more than before. However, the damaged footpath made walking on it difficult. Many incidents of near accidents have been reported here. However, all that is history now and the pedestrians can use this footpath for smooth commute once more.

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