Forget marks; Excel in your inborn talent!  

The CBSE, ICSE and ICS Class X and XII Board Examination results have been declared and soon the results of Maharashtra Board, too, would be announced. These days, their wards passing with higher percentages has become a craze among most parents, including the underprivileged parents. The consequence, naturally, is extreme stress on the students. As a result, after the declaration of the results, media is rife with some heart-rending stories of some students taking a harsh step.

These stories are a lesson for all the parents to stop pestering your children in the mad race of obtaining higher percentages. More than the high percentage, the life of a child is more precious. Parents whose children take the harsh step repent later. They weep and curse themselves but it is useless to cry over spilt milk! Nevertheless, parents whose children obtain less marks or fail must ponder. Instead of getting angry over your children or cursing them for their failure, it would be wise to stand like a rock behind them.

Your priority as a parent is to support your child and boost his low confidence by cheering and admiring his potential. Such an attitude infuses positive vibes in your child’s depressed heart. Remember, the Almighty has made all children intelligent. The only difference is that each is intelligent in his own field. Some are academically brilliant, some in sports, some in arts and music, etc. Thus, the important point is to discover the area of ‘Interest’ or ‘liking’ of your child. If you are able to discover the passion of your child and encourage him/ her to make a career in their passionate field, then surely your children will be successful beyond your imagination.

A look at the school results of famous celebrities like Albert Einstein, Microsoft inventor Bill Gates and Chairman of ‘Apple’, Steve Jobs  (all 3 school drop-outs) and our very own cricket legends Sachin Tendulkar and M.S. Dhoni (average student) proves talent matters more than school marks. Thus, school marks do not foretell the career of a child. What guarantees a bright future is the passion of a child or the inborn talent. But, it is a tragedy that in India parents does not appreciate the passion of a child in any extracurricular activity like sports, drawing, music, dance, drama, etc. In India, like a rat race, all parents want their children to obtain more than 90% and if a child scores even 70 plus percentage he/ she is ridiculed. Under such grim circumstances, children whose parents do not appreciate them are forced to take the harsh step!

Home Times thus urges parents to recognize the passion or inborn talent of your child instead of running after marks, because if you make your child excel in his given passion then he is bound to succeed. Aamir Khan has aptly said in his film 3 Idiots “Success Ke Peechhe Mat Bhaago, Excellence Ka Peechha Karo, Success Jhak Maarke Tumhare Peechhe Ayegi’!

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