Gavanpada Fish Market To Be Renovated

The 7-year-old fish market at Gavanpada will once again undergo renovation. This fish market, constructed at a cost of lacs of rupees, had been given the go-by by the public who didn’t like to come here to purchase fish. Moreover, the female fish mongers didn’t show much inclination to sell their fish at this market. This fish market soon became a storehouse of waste. However, BMC has once again proposed to renovate this place.

7 years ago, MLA Sardar Tara Singh’s efforts to construct a fish market here bore fruit to enable the local fish mongers to do business here. However, both the buyers and the fish sellers ignored this market and did business on the road and footpath. Unfortunately, this RCC structure had no facility for water which posed problems for the fish sellers. Added to this, the entrance to the market was narrow, making it difficult to enter and exit this place.

All this led to this market being closed down a few days after its inauguration, sending lacs of rupees down the drain. However, a new plan has been prepared by BMC to give the Gavanpada fish market a new look. To this end, BMC has set aside crores of rupees in funds. BMC will be taking into account the number of fish sellers and buyers in its new plan. Moreover, the entry gate will also the renovated to enable smooth flow of traffic and people.