The street lights at the junction where Goshala Road, Ramgadh and St. Pius Road meet had been non-functional since the past many months. This led to a sharp rise in anti-social activities in the area. This issue was highlighted in one of the editions of Home Times. Simultaneously, Home Times team vigorously followed up with both, BMC and Mahavitaran (MSEDCL) to remedy the situation and bring much-needed relief to the residents here. Subsequently, new electricity poles have been installed and the street lights have started functioning again.

It is a matter of record that, last year, BMC and MSEDCL had installed four street lights on the road connecting Goshala Road and St. Pius Road.  An additional street light was installed at junction here which would ensure no inconvenience to the residents and motorists. However, some anti-socials in the area broke the DP boxes on the electricity poles, thereby plunging the area into darkness. Immediately after the news was splashed in Home Times, BMC installed four new electricity poles with L.E.D lights, thus bringing back brightness in the area.

Unfortunately, initially, the street lights were not functioning owing to some technical glitch. However, the street lights have come on again, much to the delight of the locals.

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