Hassle-Free Online Registration For Ganpati Mandals; Deadline, August 19, 2019!

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started accepting online registration for Ganpati Mandals across Mumbai. The deadline for online registration is August 19, 2019. With just a few days left to conclude the registration process, BMC has urged Ganpati Mandals to hurry and register before the deadline.

What’s more, this year BMC has made Online Registration hassle-free avoid the chaos and anger that erupted last year when the BMC online registration system went kaput! It had resulted in severe discontent and annoyance among several Ganpati Mandals. Thus, to tempt Ganpati Mandals, BMC has not only made the BMC online registration system hassle-free but is also lenient in giving permissions.

According to BMC reports, in Mulund T-Ward, 48 Ganpati Mandals have filled the online registration at website http://portal.mcgm.gov.in/irj/portal/anonymous. However, out of these 48 online registrations, T-Ward has rejected 3 registrations due to repetition error. Besides permission to Ganpati Mandals, T-Ward has also permitted 6 Ganpati workshops in Mulund. BMC has allowed Ganpati workshops as it helps to have smooth Ganesh Festival and, secondly, BMC makes an earning by charging deposit from the Ganpati workshop owners.

A BMC official informed that the registration has already begun in June since it takes a long time to acquire mandatory permissions from the various government departments. According to the High Court, the Ganpati Mandal Committee has to seek approval from the city Police Commissioner’s office so that the police can provide adequate protection during Ganesh Festival. Similarly, an approval from the RTO is also compulsory so that motorists and pedestrians are not harassed by errant Ganpati Mandals who cunningly encroach upon the footpaths and prime roads causing traffic menace.

Last year, only 65 Ganpati Mandals in Mulund were permitted to erect pandals.  Hence, this time BMC T-Ward is lenient and is giving permission freely. Only on LBS Marg T-Ward is not permitting Ganpati Mandals to erect pandals due to Metro work and traffic snarls.
To make the Ganesh Festival smooth and joyous, the Mulund Police Senior Inspector and BMC T-Ward Assistant Municipal Commissioner will also be conducting a meeting with the Ganesh Mandals and chalk out plans to make Ganesh Festival in Mulund peaceful and fervent.

BMC norms to be observed by Ganpati Mandals

1) According to BMC norms, no Ganpati Mandal is allowed to erect its Mandal more than 30 feet wide.

2) Ganpati Mandals have been strictly ordered not to dig roads, a common menace observed during Ganesh Festival. The Ganpati Mandals daringly dig roads to erect poles for the pandals and after Ganpati festivals do not fill the potholes.

3) Any Ganpati Mandal found violating the BMC norms will be penalized with a fine of Rs 2000/-

Note: Last year, BMC had demolished 13 Ganpati Mandals in Mulund for violating BMC norms, so it would be wise if Ganpati Mandals obey BMC diktats.