Let’s save birds this summer! 

The boiling temperature in the city has not only broken the backbone of Mumbaikars, but even the mute animals’ and birds’ lives have become miserable. According to animal experts, the rising temperature is proving hazardous more to birds than stray animals. The situation is so grim that many birds are collapsing due to dizziness as they are unable to bear the excessive summer heat. Some birds are even getting injured.

Generally, birds keep flying as they have no shelter due to the shrinking number of trees in urban areas. Also, the trimming of trees in metropolitan cities is done in such a haphazard manner that these poor birds have no elongated or think branches to make their dwellings. As a result, in the sweltering summer, the heat is life-threatening for the birds. With temperatures peaking, the mortality rate of birds is in danger of soaring. In Mulund and its suburbs, the plight of birds is truly pathetic.

With no shelter to seek relaxation, birds try to fly higher but, alas, their frail feathers do not help them and such birds collapse on earth. As a result, many birds are getting injured. Thus, it is our humanitarian duty to make water available for the birds in our balconies. Home Times urges its readers to show empathy for these mute birds. If we could provide some grains or keep a bowl of water in our balcony, then it would be a big boon for the birds. These birds would not need to fly long distances in search of food and water. People who live on the ground floor or in tall skyscrapers can place water bowls in backyards and terraces. This is the first step to save the birds and animals from heat strokes.

Birds are mute animals hence they cannot convey their pain, but the Almighty has given us the power to understand their agony. Hence, as Good Samaritans, we should at least lend support and help these birds. A little effort from our side can bring a bagful of joy in their life. While some can contribute by way of food grains, others could help in building little cardboard nests for the birds to rest in their gardens or on terraces. Efforts like this by every household can surely play a lion’s share in keeping the bird’s population alive. Every day, more and more wildlife habitat is being lost due to man’s lust for more land. Hence, as a human being, it is our social duty to help the birds and give them shelter in our own backyard or garden or balcony, no matter how small. The point is, birds should survive the onslaught of the scorching heat in the summer season.

Home Times hopes readers would extend their love and compassion to the mute animals and birds and bring joy in their lives. So, let us all pledge to save birds this summer!!

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