Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, linking LBS Marg with Mehul Circle, has gutters on both sides of the road. A lid over one of the gutters was missing and could have posed great risks to pedestrians using this stretch. This matter was recently taken up by Home Times in one of its editions to highlight the prospect of an unsuspecting victim whose leg could get stuck in the gutter. Within just four days, a new manhole cover was fitted on the gutter by the BMC authorities.

J.N. Road, linking LBS Marg with Mehul Circle is always over-crowded. Mostly, the residents and school-going children studying in the nearby school frequent the footpath on this stretch. A sewage line passes underneath the footpath as also a drainage system to carry out the water. However, the gutter has not been covered properly which could sometimes lead to serious mishaps. BMC’s well-known negligent and callous attitude could lead to an innocent person losing his precious life. However, in response to Home Times’ disclosure, the ‘Caution’ signboard has been removed and a new lid has been placed on the gutter.

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