The manhole with a half-broken cover lying opposite Smt. Laxmibai English Medium School has been covered at last, thanks to Home Time News Channel. This has brought great relief to the residents of the area. In an area which witnesses a heavy flow of both, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, compounded by a throng of senior citizens as well as school-going kids, such a manhole would probably be a potent death trap. This issue was highlighted by Home Times News Channel whereafter the authorities woke up and replaced the manhole lid.

The condition of this manhole cover was in a state of disrepair since the past two weeks. This stretch of the road is frequently used by motorists plying from the Eastern Express Highway towards Neelam Nagar as also proceeding towards Mulund (W). Moreover, the presence of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje Garden, Sau Laxmibai School, Dode School results in an abundance of school and private buses, vehicles as also a constant flow of pedestrian traffic. Surprisingly, given the prominence of this road, this manhole with the broken cover had been left unattended for nearly a fortnight, thereby posing a great threat to citizens who could have fallen into the manhole, sustaining grievous injuries. That is precisely why, keeping the safety of Mulundkars uppermost in mind, Home Time News Channel aired this episode.

Simultaneously, Home Times carried this story in one of its editions which prompted BMC T-Ward to finally replace the broken cover. Reportedly, the concerned officials replaced the cover the very next day of the news being aired by our news channel. This timely corrective action has spared Mulundkars a possible mishap and has made this stretch smooth for commuting.

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