Two minors loitering suspiciously at PMGP Colony in Mulund (E) were recently nabbed by the public and handed over to Navghar Police. However, the police’s inaction in interrogating them and sending them away has irked the locals there.

On Thursday, around 8 p.m., two minors were found moving aimlessly at PMGP Colony. First, they climbed up to the terrace and later opened the boot of auto rickshaws with their tools and started tampering with the autos. When questioned by the locals, they seemed nervous. At first, they informed the residents that their friend was residing in the locality and they had come to meet him. Later, they changed their version and claimed to be working at a garage. Ultimately, the public handed over the kids to the police.

The locals allege that the cops let off the kids without proper interrogation. According to sources, both minors are residents of Mulund (E). Their movements raised suspicion that they were behaving like thieves. Incidents of theft have been increasing in this area since the last few months. Navghar Police claimed that since no one complained against the kids, they spared the minor duo after questioning them. However, the locals claimed that they were not informed by the police to register a complaint against the minors.

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