Motorists, Beware! Pay E-Challan fines or land in jail!

In yet another laudable step to apply the brakes on errant motorists and curb the traffic menace, the RTO has decided to act with an iron hand against the E-Challan penalty defaulters!

In a press release, the RTO has announced that from December 1, 2019, RTO would seek arrest warrants from the court to threaten the E-Challan penalty defaulters and repeat offenders. The RTO claims that though E-Challan is a time-saving system to penalize an offender, the problem is that several E-Challan penalty defaulters have still not paid the penalty. Hence, to scare these defaulters the RTO has decided to act stringently and create terror of a jail term to drive them to pay their E-Challan penalties.

Informing the media about the latest model of punishment, the Mumbai RTO Chief said, “Every errant driver must pay the E-Challan penalty within 10 days. In case the payment is not paid within the stipulated 10 days, then RTO would serve a Notice at the residential address of the offender demanding the offender to be present on a fixed date in the court. If the offender fails to attend the court, then the honourable court would serve a warrant through the police and order them to arrest the offender and put him behind bars!

“Either pay E-Challan fines or land in jail!” – RTO official
A top official of RTO informed Home Times, “The Mumbai RTO has become strict in recovering the E-Challan penalties. We have started the collection drive by serving notices to those defaulters whose E-Challans are pending settlement of over Rs. 5000/-. Besides, similar notices are being served to E-Challan penalty defaulters whose pending amount is more than Rs. 15,000/-.”

He added, “We have got a good response as many errant drivers have started paying the E-Challan penalties.”  “Let me warn, those who ignore the RTO notice will soon get a Notice from the court. So the ball is in the court of the defaulters –either pay up or land in jail,” he declared.

Home Times thus alerts all the E-Challans penalty defaulters in Mulund that if they have received such a ‘Notice’, then kindly pay the E-Challans fines immediately or pay the penalty before December 1, 2019, to avoid jail terms.