MSEDCL does “महेरबानी” installing door tied with wire!!

In our last issue, Home Times had highlighted an electric meter box cabin lying damaged on Devidayal Road opposite State Bank of India. The doors of the meter box cabin were missing hence to hide the open meter box the employees of MSEDCL had covered it temporarily with a flex advertisement!  Thus inviting more trouble as, in case of short-circuits, in the electric meter box, there are chances of fire eruption as the flex is a flammable material.

Residents walking down the road felt terrified and complained to MSEDCL but the authority paid no heed. Later, residents informed Home Times and urged action. Home Times highlighted the grave issue in our newspaper. Fortunately, the MSEDCL administration paid heed to Home Times news and was quick enough to remove the flex and install doors to the Electric Meter Box cabin!

However, though the MSEDCL did install the doors, it is a half-hearted job! The doors have been tied by wires instead of being firmly welded. The Residents’ walking down the road said, “What is the use of doing a negligent job! The doors are tied messily and can fall-off any time! If the MSEDCL is so concerned about citizen’s safety then it should act sincerely and not fool people by doing haphazard work!”