Mulund Mountaineer’s Unparalled Feat!!

28-year-old Mulund youth, Keval Hiren Kakka, has literally elevated Mulund’s name to dizzy heights of popularity by becoming the first Mountaineer in the world to achieve the Herculean task of scaling two mountain peaks above 8,000 meters viz. the world-renowned Mount Everest (8848 meters) on May, 16, 2019 and Mount Lhotse (8516 meters), the world’s fourth highest mountain on May 21, 2019.

What is most amazing about Keval’s stunning triumph is that he has accomplished this landmark feat in a span of just six days!!! Thus, Keval has attained global recognition and is being applauded all over the globe for his exceptional glory.

Keval returned from his life’s most memorable expedition on June 1, 2019, and received a hero’s welcome at Mulund from his family, friends and neighbours who celebrated his victory with the traditional dhol and tasha!!

Home Times met the valiant youth, Keval Hiren Kakka, and saluted his heroism for bringing pride not only to Mulund but also to Mother India! In an exclusive chat with Home Times, Keval spoke about his daring voyage.

Informing about his voyage, Keval said, “I am feeling on top of the world. After climbing Mount Everest, I was so overwhelmed by the success that I was captivated to climb the next tallest and beautiful Mt. Lhotse.”

Giving graphic details about the hardships he faced while mountaineering, Keval told, “During hiking Mt. Lhotse, the wind was wild and furious. Hence, we had to stop for some time but the determination to scale the mountain kept me motivated. I took up the challenge and no sooner the conditions became suitable, I moved on. Eventually, I succeeded in my mission.”

According to Keval, mountaineering is a sport that demands tons of endurance, strength and mental toughness to counter hardships. “Mountaineering is actually an acid test of both physical and mental power. One has to encounter wild and gusty winds; there is a scarcity of oxygen and the horrifying sight of multiple dead bodies scattered in the path is most depressing. One has to be tough and focused on one’s mission. A person who has strong will-power and a focussed mind can only undertake this gruelling expedition.”

He added, “I agree that mountaineering is a sport full of risk and danger, but if a person takes proper safety measures and follows protocol than the sport becomes more of an adventure than a risk.”

Before beginning his career as a mountaineer, Keval first completed the important Basic and Advanced Mountaineering courses in the years 2013 and 2014 respectively from the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (ABVIMAS)” located in Manali. What is worth mentioning is that Keval passed both courses with an ‘A grade’. Later, Keval took a plunge into professional climbing by organizing and summiting peaks.

On being quizzed about his future plans, Keval said, “I wish to do a career in Sports Psychology and inspire the younger generation towards adventurous sports. I believe in the ideology, ‘Nothing Is Impossible!”

MP Manoj Kotak also specially felicitated Keval at his office.

“We ignore society’s remark and shall stand behind our son like a rock!”- Keval’s parents With moist eyes and beaming faces, Hiren and Neelam Kakka, the parents of Keval looked contented at their only son’s success. They informed Home Times, “To achieve this prestigious victory our son had made much preparation. He had pumped all his energies to fulfil his dream. We are happy he has ultimately achieved his goal.”

However, the parents mourned, “While our son was on his expedition, we underwent much stress and trauma. The scary thought of an untoward accident gave us sleepless nights. We could not speak to him for several months.” “However, after our son’s astounding success, we are delighted and have no complaint about our son’s choice of career. Instead, we are proud,” said the Kakka couple. Thanking the community (samaj) for financially helping Keval to achieve his dream, Neelam said, ‘I am thankful to our samaj for extending financial support and backing our son to achieve his dream.”

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