Public display exemplary courage; nab mobile snatcher!  

It seems after Navghar Police caught two notorious chain- snatchers in Mulund East in a typical filmy style chase, lives of small-time criminals like chain-snatchers and mobile thieves have become difficult in Mulund because, after the Home Times news, even Mulundkars have become alert and brave. This week, a group of Mulundkars displayed exemplary courage and arrested a mobile thief!!

It may be noted in our last week’s news report, titled ‘Lady ‘Tigress’ Of Navghar Police Nabs Chain-snatchers After A Hot Chase’, Home Times had bitterly attacked the cowardliness of Mulundkars because when the lady cop was chasing the mobile thief on the Eastern Express Highway, she had shouted at the people on the road to nab the thief but nobody dared. Eventually, the brave lady cop, Vandu Kedare, had single-handedly arrested the mobile thief. Probably, the Home Times news did hit the ‘manliness’ of Mulundkars and, on Tuesday night, when a thief tried to escapeafter stealing a mobile from a lady, some residents immediately chased the thief and caught him.

According to reports, on Tuesday night, at about 9.30 p.m., a 27-year-old lady was on her way home. While she was walking near Hira Mongi Hospital in Mulund West, a mobile thief snatched her mobile and escaped. The lady started screaming for help! Fortunately, a few residents heard her cries and rushed in the direction of the thief and nabbed him. They recovered her mobile.

Delighted at receiving the mobile, the lady said, “I am obliged to the local citizens who showed presence of mind and extraordinary courage to nab the thief. Citizens should display such courage during a crime so that it also helps the police to solve the case easily.”

The accused was later taken to Mulund police station. The accused has been identified as Prabhakar Biklal Malhar (28). He is a resident of Indira Nagar slums.