Save Water; Save The Nation! 

‘Water is Life’ goes the famous axiom but, alas, Mumbaikars do not realise the worth of water. A picture of this harsh reality can be seen in Mumbai and many metropolitan cities where water is wasted so carelessly that one should put down one’s head in shame! In cities, people keep the tap on even when not required. People use multiple buckets of water to take a bath. In Mumbai, people living in posh buildings and towers that have 24×7 water facility may not realise the importance of water, but the plight of people in the remote and interior villages of Maharashtra and many parts of India is pitiable.

With summer heat waves making life miserable, it is a tragedy that in many parts of Maharashtra there is a drought-like condition with people dying to get a few drops of water. The water deficiency in Maharashtra has escalated and has become a gigantic crisis. Each year, the situation is turning from worse to worst. Ironically, in contrast, Mumbaikars make merry and enjoy the summer heat at the various water amusement parks!!

Have Mumbaikars ever pondered on the pathetic life without water and how the people and the farmers of Maharashtra’s villages live their life in the absence of water?  Today, entire India is in the grip of water scarcity as many small lakes have dried up and many are on the verge of drying up. The condition of India’s major rivers is also not much to talk about. In fact, environmentalists inform that even the flow of water in major lakes of India is declining and this is a major reason for worry.  The wells are drying up too but, regrettably, the government is mute on this humongous problem. Neither the NGOs nor the government, nobody is coming forward or taking an initiative to save the depleting rivers, lakes and wells.

In India, 55% to 60% of water requirement is fulfilled by underground water. But the underground water levels are fast depleting and this is the biggest challenge for India to face. Besides, there are multiple problems associated with pure drinking water, yet the countrymen have no thought of saving water.

On the one hand, majority of Indians are fighting to get a few drops of water. In contrast, in the metropolitan cities of India people can be seen wasting water without any concern!  Tons of water are wasted to clean cars. Similarly, a large amount of water is wasted in mopping the floors of the house and a huge quantity of water is wasted in unproductive work.

The government has created slogans like ‘Save Water, Save A Life’, ‘Save Water Save The Future’, etc. These banners are advertised on TV and all around the country but, alas, people just watch them but never implement in real life.

Hence, Home Times urges people to save water and also teach our children to save water or the slogan, ‘ Water is life’ will fade away and we will have to coin a new slogan,” If there will be water, there will be life! “

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