Social media: Boon or Bane?

It is true that the Constitution of India has guaranteed us freedom of speech and expression, but there is a limit to a language that is offensive and the speech that could assassinate a person’s character. Hence, it is wisely said, “Speech is silver, but Silence is gold”, because many times our tongue wrangles some pricking words that injure someone’s heart so harshly that it takes years to heal the wound. Today, with the invention of social media every Tom, Dick and Harry has become a writer. As a result, the language used is so lewd that it is unpardonable.

Many times, one comes across such stupid post on Facebook and social media that it appears the person has lost his senses!

As a huge section of the masses is connected to social media, hence social media has become the easiest and most effective medium to campaign for the various political parties for the ongoing Lok Sabha election. In fact, in the 2014 general election, the BJP party had efficiently used social media as a platform to lure prospective voters. Incidentally, in the 2019 general election, the opposition parties are using the same social media against the ruling party. However, what is hurting is that, due to the dirty language being used on social media, differences between the political parties are widening. The use of filthy and ribald language against each other has made social media like a vegetable market where one can see hawkers shouting down each other to make maximum profit!

Social media surely gives you an opportunity to put forward your opinion on important issues of the country, but it is entirely wrong to abuse others and make ridiculous comments or make fun of national leaders including the honourable Prime Minister of India!

Today, the social media is cursed for its misuse by politicians to tarnish the image of their opponents or it is being condemned for promoting fake news and bogus videos. However, social media, if creatively and sensibly used, is a boon to the nation. There are many stories of lost children being found, animals being adopted and money being raised for various causes on social media. What does all of this say about social media? That it is only a tool, it is up to us to use it wisely to bring communal harmony and brotherhood and educate people about their right to vote or use it for evil purpose and devastate humanity!

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