Vegetable prices soar!!  Vendors losing out!!

With the rise in temperatures, the availability of vegetables has diminished and, consequently, their prices have sky-rocketed compared to the recent past. According to the hawkers, the scarcity of vegetables has adversely affected their business and may lead to more increase in their prices in the weeks to come.

On the one hand, people are grief-stricken because of the excessive heat and drought-like conditions, whereas on the other hand the soaring vegetable prices are raising a sweat in the people. The decline in the production of veggies, coupled with the high prices thereof, has severely shaken the common man. The nutritious green, leafy vegetables do not seem to adorn the platters anymore. Speaking of veggies, the prices of green peas and french beans have shot up to Rs. 120/- per kg and Rs. 200/- per kg respectively, which were being previously available at Rs. 80/- and Rs. 120/- respectively. Even other vegetables like bottle gourd, fenugreek, spinach, coriander and lentils have shown a marked increase in their prices. Mulund’s vegetable vendors bemoan that reduction in production of veggies has led to their soaring prices and this may continue for another two months. Buyers shun buying veggies at these prices, resulting in less demand and, consequently, less income for the vendors.

Vegetable           Price (Rs. / kg)

Okra                   60
Green peas       120 (prev.80)
Beans                200 (prev.120)
Cauliflower           60 (prev. 40-50)
Tomatoes            60 (prev. 35-40)
Lemons (per pc)  7 (prev. 5)
Coriander          60 (prev.30)
Spinach             15 (prev. 10)
Coriander         50 (prev. 30)
Amaranth           15 (prev. 10)

Consumers complain that the increase in vegetable prices has sent their domestic budgets for a toss. Where they were buying one kilo of a veggie previously, they can now afford to buy just a quarter kilo today