The life of pedestrians in Mulund has become hazardous. The footpaths have been encroached upon by hawking mafias, hence poor pedestrians are becoming victims of accidents as they have no footpaths to walk on. To add insult to injury, now the life of pedestrians is threatened by the under-construction sky-kissing towers because many builders are not abiding by security measures. As a result, rocks, stones, cement blocks and other building materials are falling off the under-construction sites and injuring pedestrians walking below and proving hazardous!
Pravin Athawale, the pedestrian who was hit by a bamboo fall last week near an under-construction site, has died! Thus, the matter has taken a serious turn and people are up-in-arms against the builders for not taking safety measures at under-construction sites!
The death of Pravin Athawale is not the first instance of builders’ negligence. Home Times has reports of many such instances in the past. In fact, to date, 4 innocent people have been killed in such injuries which are purely due to the negligence of builders and contractors managing the work. Hence, angry Mulundkars have urged the BMC officers and the labour unions to take stringent action and compel builders to adopt security measures of the highest standard!
It may be noted a few days back, a Mulund resident, Pravin Athawale, was walking on ACC Road in Mulund West. As he was passing near an under-construction building, a huge bamboo fell on his head from the high rise under-construction tower. The injury was so serious that when he was taken to MT Agrawal Hospital, the doctors referred him to Fortis Hospital. At Fortis Hospital too, he was immediately admitted to the ICU. However, on Tuesday, 28, January 2020, during treatment, he died!
At the time of the accident, Mulund Police had taken quick action and filed an FIR against the supervisor, contractor and builder for negligence at the construction site. However, a  Mulundkar said, “After the death of Pravin Athawale the case has become grave and the offenders must be punished for murder!  If the offenders are not given exemplary punishment, then pedestrians would continue to be killed and their life would be under a sword while walking down an under-construction site.”. “In Mulund, under-construction work is being carried out at several places, hence the builders must take necessary safety measures so that no building material falls accidentally, “he asserted.

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