AP Government’s Death Sentence For Rapists Laudable

After the Hyderabad Police encountered the four rapists of Dr Priyanka Reddy, the famous Veterinarian who was brutally raped on Bangalore Expressway, there is a fervent demand for the death sentence for the rapists by the citizens of India. The Andhra Pradesh government deserves a pat on its back for becoming the first state in India to take the bold decision to announce the death sentence to the rapists that, too, within 21 days!!!. The AP government has passed a law through which rape cases will be fast-tracked and the convict will be hanged to death within 21 days!!

Interestingly, while the AP government is receiving applause from other states, Maharashtra also has decided to opt for the fast-tracked ‘death sentence’ punishment to the rapists. According to reports, Maharashtra Chief Minister and Shiv Sena chief, Uddhav Thackeray, has lauded AP government punishment to curb rapes in the country. Sources close to Thackeray informed that he has instructed his Chief Secretary to seek information and submit to him the entire details of Bill passed by the AP government against rape so that, after study, he will implement in Maharashtra.

It is not that the Indian government is not serious about the horrors of rape in India, but the problem is that the government officials are lazy and not sincere in their duty. According to a study, the Government of India has launched a National Registry of Sexual Offenders, but the database is not digitized and is not accessible to the public. However, Andhra Pradesh is serious in its bid to crack down on rapists. Hence, it has passed an Act called the Disha Act, 2019. The highlight of this Act is that data will be preserved electronically and the data would be called ‘Women and Children Offenders Registry’. This registry will be made public and will be available to law enforcement agencies.

Secondly, the Disha Act has reduced the time frame for investigation and trial. As per the Nirbhaya Act and the Criminal Amendment Act, 2 months’ investigation and two month’s court trial i.e. 4 months are required in the fast track. But, the Andhra Pradesh Disha Act 2019, has brought a revolution in rape judgment. According to Disha, the judgment will now have to be pronounced in 21 working days from the date of the offence in cases of rape. The investigation shall be completed in seven working days and trial shall be completed in 14 working days.At the rate at which the rapes are being committed in India and the ghastly rape of minors, Home Times hopes that every state of India would unite and adopt the AP government style of punishment to the rapist so that there is fear and Indian women are free from the curse of rape!!

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