A Tribute To Mothers Worldwide

Each year, in the second week of March, the world celebrates Mother’s Day globally to honour all mothers and salute Motherhood.
Though Mother’s Day is celebrated annually with much gusto and spectacle with greeting cards and all sorts of gifts being given to mothers by their children, but the bitter truth is that the underlying bond of love between a child and a mother is fast drifting away. In modern times, it is being observed that children have become self-centric. The maternal bond between a child and his mother is gradually becoming distant. This is the reason why the ‘Homes for the Elderly’ are fast becoming overcrowded as children have no time to take care of their elderly mothers. The picture is so grim that, today, nuclear families do not even remember their parents and their children are detached from their grandparents.

Isn’t it ironical that the mother who feeds her milk and makes us strong enough to take our first step, when she turns frail and old and needs our help to feed her, we dump her in an Elders’ Home to be fed by strangers!! Our mother, who stands like a rock behind us in all our failures and downfalls, when she is sick and ailing and is looking for her children to be by her side, we are busy working long hours minting money. We forget that it is our same mother who used to be by our bed-side when we were sick. She would sit up all night by our bed-side caring for us. She sacrificed all her comforts and her sleep just to make us sound and healthy. However, when she is lying on the bed seeking our compassion, we appoint a nurse and sleep comfortably in the adjacent room!!!

Tragically, this is the tragic tale of most mothers. Hence, when Anna Jarvis, a US lady known as the Founder of Mother’s Day, saw her mother’s (Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis) care and love for the poor and downtrodden, she was inspired. She decided to salute her mother and invented Mother’s Day a day to honour all mothers who symbolise true and selfless love.

Incidentally, her idea of Mother’s Day won global popularity but, alas, in modern times Mother’s Day has reduced to a mere gimmick and fake compassion. Just on a single day, people pour their love on their mothers and the remaining 364 days they don’t even have time to shed a compassionate glance at their mothers. Remember, in all the spiritual and holy books, the Almighty says, “Just a compassionate glance of a child at his/her elderly mother pleases the Almighty Lord so much that He bestows upon him/ her blessing in abundance!

Home Times hopes its readers would learn a lesson and on this Mother’s Day bring back their aged mother to their own home from the confines of the Elders’ Homes.

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