Voting is one of the basic fundamental rights of every Indian who is an eligible voter. Just as it is our duty to salute the Tricolour, likewise it is the duty of every Indian to exercise their Right to Vote! With Mumbai set to vote on April 29, 2019 (Monday), BMC has made an earnest appeal to all Mumbaikars to cast their votes. In its appeal, BMC has urged that if Indians desire to take India on the path of success and wish to witness a bright future for India, then they should come out in full force on April 29, 2019 and cast their votes!

Hundred percent voting is the soul of a democratic country. But, it is a tragedy that in India people give less importance to voting. They forget that to have a healthy government, a healthy voting percentage is equally important. Hence, if we wish to have good governance, then it is important to curb our lethargy and come out from the comfort of our homes and cast our vote!!

In India, people can be seen debating and condemning the government and finding loopholes in governance. But, alas, when it comes to voting, these so-called arm-chair critics who slammed the government can be seen enjoying food at hotels or holidaying with friends and family on voting day! Thus, the big question is: If people who do not exercise their votes, then what right do they have to make comments and criticize the government? Remember, just as the Indian Constitution has given us certain rights like Right to Education, Right to Freedom of Speech, etc. similarly, our government has imposed on us certain duties and voting is one of the most crucial duties that every eligible voter must discharge.

Remember, your vote is an important weapon that has the power to demolish any government that does not live up to our expectations.

Thus, Home Times urges its readers to understand the significance of your vote and appeals to Mulundkars, young and senior citizens alike, to come out of your homes on April 29, and cast your vote!! Vote for the progress and development of India; vote to save the democracy of India and vote to kick out corruption!!! With a single vote, you can bring in a government of your choice or lament for having a poor government by not casting your vote! And, last but not the least, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Similarly, every single vote is needed to bring about a change!! REMEMBER, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!

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