Citizen Reports

The police claim that parking of two-wheelers at the turning point near Maruti Mandir Ganatra Beat Chowky causes traffic jam. But, ironically, one can see parking of police two-wheelers that is causing a traffic jam here.

…Yogesh Bajaj

This is the picture of a construction site opp. Apna Bazar where water accumulates during the monsoon. This causes the mosquitoes to breed here as also a foul smell emanating, making it difficult for the residents of this area.

..Karishma Shah

The condition of Sane Guruji Marg opp. Prem Chitralekha CHS Ltd. in Mulund (E) is horrible.

…Dominique Nayar

The road divider opp. Ratna Supermarket has been lying in a damaged condition since the past 3 months.

…Ketan Chheda

There is a huge quantity of garbage behind Vani Vidyalaya School along the railway tracks which can be seen from the train. Very often, complaints have been lodged with the railway administration, but in vain.

…Gayatri D.


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