2 Murders and 1 Suicide Rocks Suburbs!

The suburbs of Mulund and Bhandup were rocked on Monday when, on a single day, these suburbs witnessed two murders and one suicide.  In Mulund, a rickshaw driver was brutally murdered, while at Gaondevi in Bhandup a man was beaten to death by two people. In the third instance, a Bhandup auto rickshaw driver hanged himself. All the three cases were reported on a single day, thus sending a chill down the spine of the citizens.

In the first instance, Suresh Salve (49), a resident of Gautam Nagar, was cruelly killed by unidentified people with iron rods. Informing Home Times about the crime, Mulund Police said, “Suresh Salve was a criminal with as many as 10 cases registered against him. Though he was a rickshaw driver by profession, he had created terror in the locality due to his goondaism. People were afraid of him.” The police added, “A few days back, Salve had indulged in violence with a local resident, Abhay Sawant’s brother. Enraged, Abhay attacked Salve with an iron rod to seek revenge. In this attack, he beat Salve black and blue which resulted in his death.”

In the second case, Milind Avtar, a resident of Gaondevi in Bhandup, used to create daily ruckus after consuming liquor near a pani puri stall. Residents were agitated by his antics.  On Monday, as usual, Milind was engaged in his monkey business when he was beaten up brutally by two youths, Ghiasuddin Shaikh (24) and Sandeep Singh (30). He died on the spot. Bhandup Police arrested the duo.

In the third incident a rickshaw driver, Alam Akhtar Khan (30) committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. According to reports, Khan was a resident of Khindipada and was financially devastated, hence he took the extreme step.

Mulund Police informed Home Times, “The deceased, Alam Akhtar Khan, made an earning by running an auto rickshaw on rent. However, Kurla police seized his auto when he was caught in an accident. The loss of the auto made Khan mentally depressed. Hence. he went to Sanjay Gandhi National Park and hanged himself from a tree!”

The Khan family informed police that earlier too Alam Khan had attempted to kill himself by consuming phenyl but was rescued. The police are investigating further.

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