Alert Patrol Police Nab 2 Bike Thieves

Since the past few months, Home Times has been reporting about the spate in vehicles robberies in Mulund. Recently, another bike was robbed from Mulund Colony. But, the alert Mulund Police on patrol duty nabbed the bike thieves within a few hours!!

According to reports, a bike owner, Mangesh Gavik had come to enjoy the birthday party of his friend at Sardar Pratap Singh Garden in Mulund Colony, Mulund (W). He had parked his bike, a Bajaj Pulsar 220, outside the garden gate. However, after a few minutes, Mangesh was left disappointed to find his bike missing. His friends, too, searched for his bike, but in vain. Fortunately, Mangesh and his friends noticed a Mulund Police patrolling party. Hence, they informed the police about the bike robbery.

Soon, Mulund Police laid a trap and, within a few hours, caught the 2 bike thieves near Redwood Building, a stone’s throw distance away from Sardar Pratap Singh Garden. The accused have been identified as Hrishikesh Ganesh (19) and Sintras Peter (20). Both the accused are Bhandup residents.

The search hunt was conducted under the supervision of Mulund Police Sr. PI, Ravi Desai and under the guidance of API Sachin Kadam and his team, Police Naik Thorat and Police Constable Waghmare.