Sewerage water overflow no more

A few days back, sewerage water had accumulated near Vidyaben Gardi School at P.K.Road,  resulting in the residents and school children having to put up with the unbearable stench. When Home Times investigated the problem, it came to light that complaints in this regard had been already lodged with BMC T-Ward, but the Conservancy and allied departments of T-Ward had ignored this grave issue.

Thereafter, Home Times intervened and took up the issue with the concerned department and had the situation remedied.

It may be noted that this seepage of sewerage water had posed problems for motorists also. Ram Singh, the watchman of the school, had then informed that previously accumulated at a distance from the school, but now it had steadily spread in the area. This has resulted in an unbearable stink in the area as also made life hellish for both, Ram Singh as well the pedestrians passing by. This was highlighted by in our last edition, whereafter the concerned T-Ward officials had assured the needful would be done. Eventually, T-Ward sprung into action and stopped the overflow, bringing much-needed relief to the residents of the area also the school kids.