Jagmagata Mulund from March! 

Kudos to Home Times as its war against the dark roads and non-functional High Mast Poles in Mulund has been won. In a recent announcement, BMC has declared replacement of existing High Mast Lighting Poles with the installation of new electric poles with energy efficient LED High Mast lighting. Home Times takes great pleasure to report that in its presence, 10 High Mast LED poles’ installation work has already begun by MSEDCL. The work of installing LED High Masts started from Thursday in Mulund.

It may be noted these High Masts have been lying non-functional at several prominent roads, causing much hardship to citizens. But, with the installation of LED High Mast Lighting, Mulund will glitter at night!!  MSEDCL has assured that, from the first week of March, Mulundkars will get the pleasure of seeing LED High Masts at each road, thus making Mulund free from darkness.

According to statistics, in Mulund, there are 19 High Masts which were installed at important junctions of Mulund for the benefit of motorists and pedestrians at night.  In fact, the trend of High Mast lighting was so popular that many corporators had just erected High Masts as their status symbol. These poles were erected at places which had no significance. However, BMC had to bear the expense of maintaining these expensive High Mast poles. Hence, BMC has now decided to remove all unnecessary High Mast poles and install High Mast LED poles only at selected roads that genuinely need them.

In some places, only poles have been erected. These poles have the capability to be spread light in either 3 directions or 4 directions. These poles will have 250 Watts LED bulbs. The cost of one LED High Mast Pole is around 4 to 5 lacs while the cost of LED bulbs is less expensive.
Though the Mulundkars are delighted at the installation of the New High Mast LED, some are dejected as the government has wasted several lacs rupees by first installing High Mast Poles and then abandoning them with the latest LED High Masts. 

List of Places where High Mast LEDs installed
Mulund East : 

1)Pednekar Chowk at Nanepada
2) Salvi Wadi
3) Hanuman Chowk
4) Chintamani Deshmukh Garden
Mulund West:
5) M.G. Road
6) Jain Mandir
7) Saint Narahari Chowk
8) Vidyapati Nagar
9) Mehul Cinema Circle

High Mast Closed
Manik Maharaj Chowk in Mulund East
Ambedkar Nagar In Mulund West