Fake cops loot woman of gold ornaments!

Home Times, since the past few months, has been repeatedly reporting cases of the ‘Bol Bachchan’ gang which is on the prowl in Mulund. The gang has created havoc cheating and conning citizens. This week, too, a 50-year-old lady was conned by two fake policemen who escaped after deviously looting her gold ornaments.

According to reports, a 50-year-old lady was walking near the Rationing Office in Juna Mulund at Mulund West when she was approached by two men in the guise of policemen. The duo cautioned her about the rise in crime in the area and asked her to remove her gold ornaments and keep them safein her bag. Believing the duo to be genuine cops, the lady removed her gold chain (11 grams) and 4 gold bangles (44 grams) and after tying them in a handkerchief she put it carefully in her bag.

However, while the lady kept the handkerchief in the bag, one of the accused craftily stole the handkerchief containing her ornaments without her knowledge.  After crossing the lane safely when the lady opened her bag to wear her ornaments again, she was left stunned to find them missing. She realized she had been duped by the fake policemen and lodged a police complaint.

Speaking to Home Times, Ravi Sardesai, Senior P.I. Mulund Police Station informed, “Both the accused were dressed in plain clothes with police caps, impersonating as cops from the Detection branch of the police. Hence, the lady got deceived. Both were aged between 30 and 35 and spoke fluent Marathi.” He further informed, “Our sketch artist has made the sketches of the duo and we are going through the past records of history sheeters. In case the duo are from western Mumbai, we will take the help of the western police.”

Meanwhile, the police have lodged a case of fraud and theft.